For parents, by parents

We are parents and active Christians who know that their child is homosexual, bisexual, intersexual or transgender. The moment when our children confided in us will always be remembered. We are very grateful for this trust.

Coming out, no matter at what age, came as a surprise to all of us and was experienced and processed differently by each parent. There were and still are many questions. The question of whether we as parents had done something wrong also preoccupied many of us in the first days after our children came out.

As part of REGENBOGEN-NAK, we are committed to making it a matter of course for our children to be able to contribute with their gifts and abilities in all church communities. At the same time, we are aware that in some countries it will be difficult or even impossible due to the general conditions. However, as New Apostolic Christians we are convinced that all are loved by God and were created by God just as they are!

If you need to talk about your child's sexual orientation or coming out, please feel free to contact us at! We can share experiences, listen to each other and give encouragement.

Feel free to come to the REGENBOGEN-NAK meetings and get to know other parents.